Stouffville Pet License

I used to think City Licenses for pets were just another tax and money grab.  But it makes sense, register your pet and make sure they can make their way back home if they ever get lost.  I tag my dogs and keep them close when I’m out walking.  If you are from the Stouffville area, you can get your license at Global Pets Food store.

I like an extra tag with their name and my contact info, I got Bolt and Smokey’s from PetSmart.

stouffville license


I’ve owned three Dyson Vacuums so far.  Here’s my review.

The original Purple Animal Dyson from around 2006-2012.


It worked well picking up my Pit Bull’s short hair but there was a distinct smelly dog smell coming from it before we stopped using it in 2013.

We bought another Dyson around 2013, the orange one called a DC33 model.


We bought it after my Pit Bull passed on and we didn’t have a dog so we decided to buy a regular one not meant for pets.   I found the hose a little tricky to use, I always felt like I was wrestling with it to get it out.  We moved after we bought this Dyson and our new house came with a central vacuum system and then, we got Bolt.  We used the Dyson on our carpets after we got Bolt and fostered Dutch because the central vac wasn’t cutting it.  Even though the DC33 wasn’t meant for animals, it did a good job.  But I found my long hair would wrap around the bottom and I’d have to cut my hair out once in a while when the suction seemed off (yes, I shed too).

We moved again in 2016, we don’t have carpet anymore, our whole house is laminate and we have small tiled areas.  My parents-in-law gave us a Purple Animal Dyson DC25 and I love it.  It is loud like the other ones we had, but it does its job so well and the hose is finally easier to use.  It’s also easy to empty, like the other models I don’t need to buy any vacuum bags, I just like to empty it outside so the dust doesn’t fly all over the house again.


I love that I can see the brush housing, how it is clear plastic, when it is turned on the bristles spin and when it stops it looks like the picture above.  I like that I would be able to see if it gets entwined with a bunch of my long hair.  So far, so good, no hair cutting needed and I like this because I don’t have to turn the vacuum over to see the bristles.  This is genius!  Also, I like when it is turned on, the bristles spinning look like they are moving so fast that I feel like it is picking up all the little hairs and dirt my four legged friends bring into the house.  I love clean floors!

However, there are a few downsides in my opinion.

One, the electrical cord is not as long as the Orange DC33 Dyson.  With the Orange Dyson, I can plug it in to my front foyer which is in the middle of the house and vacuum one side of the house and then the other side without unplugging the cord.  With the Purple Animal Dyson, I need to unplug and replug the electrical cord and do two rooms at a time. Our house isn’t that big, we live in a small bungalow.  I’m not sure why the cord had to be so short, shouldn’t it be the same as the other models?

Two, although the “ball” technology helps it to swivel and make sharp turns, it’s bulky and I can’t go under my coffee table or sofa, it would be nice to have that slimmer. Or maybe I just miss that capability in my central vacuum hose…

Three, it’s loud.  Well, all of the Dysons are loud, I guess it’s expected for powerful vacuums.

Overall though, it picks up the dog hairs and my hair really well.

Do you own a Dyson?  What are your thoughts?  Feel free to give your review in the comments on your pet vacuum.  Is it working for you?


Dear bikers on public trails


I used to live in Vaughan, ON.  There are amazing trails just north of Vaughan but what really ticked me off were people on bikes that had no concept of sharing the trail with me and my dogs.  I’ve been wanting to vent about it for so long.  Here goes my letter to bikers out there, who I’m sure are not all dog haters, but here’s something to wrap your thoughts on and just consider next time you are riding and see a person walking their dog(s).

Dear bikers on public trails,

Thank you for sharing the trails with me and my dogs.  I love the bikers who slow down a little to pass my pack and who smile to acknowledge, “Hi there, we cool, nice dogs, see ya”.

For most dog owners and dog walkers, we are considerate of bikers when we see or know you are coming.  In no way do we want to put you in danger or our dogs in danger.  That being said, could you please keep in mind that if you ride like you are on a speedway and in stealth mode we may not know you are behind us until you are BAM right by us!  If it could freak me out, which it has, it could freak out my dogs.

If you are riding your bike towards a person with a dog or dogs, could you please make yourself known a little more?  I would gladly move my dogs to the side of the trail and have them sit and snack on dog cookies while we wait for you to safely speed past us.

A bell would be useful or just a hollar, “hey  there, I’m coming up on your left!” or something to let us know you are coming would really make the trail a safer place.

If I have my dogs off leash, it means I have a sense of control, these dogs are trained, these dogs aren’t run-awayers and I can call them back to me if I’m given a chance.  Please don’t try to weave through my dogs like they are moving pylons, that’s not safe or nice.  Please don’t yell at me to “put your dogs on a leash!” like you own the trail and they are the ones being a jerk.

Let’s share the park and be kind to each other.  You let me know you are gonna pass me and I’ll acknowledge you politely by moving my dogs out of your way.  Happy, happy, joy, joy.  Everybody wins and goes home happy.

Enjoy your riding but don’t be a ninja on your bike, let us know you are coming and we’ll be happy to salute you on the side of the path with a hello and goodbye. Safe riding.


Me and my dogs