Running Stouffville!

Here’s the wall of Fame.

Dogs who have run Stouffville with me.

Running with Jack and Cali:


Running with Reggie:

Reggie (Visla), he is a great coach, his walk is my jogging pace. Every time I stopped, he would look at me, see if I was ok, then sped up as to say, “c’mon! Move it lady”. Hahaha! He’s so awesome. When I jogged he was just walking beside me, happily keeping pace with me. Cool dog, we bonded.

Running with Mowgli:

Mowgli (Bulldog & Shepherd mix) – trooper! Ran partly in the rain. No stopping him, he was go go go! Not a year old yet, lots of energy and very attentive. Had an awesome time running with him, he quickly learned that sticking beside me earned him treats and praise. Good puppy!!