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My fave harness

I never thought I’d be recommending a harness. I’ve been against harnesses for the longest time. To me, a harness is meant for pulling a sled so I never saw the usefulness of one for walking until I started using this one. My first harness for Smokey, a few years back, was by Canine Equipment … Continue reading My fave harness


Bolt and Smokey have each had an encounter with our friendly neighbourhood skunk this year. Both times happened at night and in our front yard around garbage day. Bolt is a happy-go-lucky dog and he is curious, one evening after our walk around the block, I let his leash drop and told him to “go … Continue reading Skunk! 

Pet Dryer – XPOWER

I love my XPOWER dryer. My first XPOWER dryer was purchased in 2013-ish.  I liked it because it was compact, easy to transport, quiet and powerful.  It has been discontinued this year but I really liked it, it worked well other than the hose wearing out a bit; it was amazing.  I passed it on … Continue reading Pet Dryer – XPOWER

All dogs go to heaven

Smokey came from my friend’s family.  His previous name was Harley Davidson.  His owner, Grace and Peter Kim are Salvation Army Officers and they are very kind and Christian. They have three funny and beautiful children. Their youngest had very vivid dreams when she was young. One morning she told her mom that she went … Continue reading All dogs go to heaven


I’ve owned three Dyson Vacuums so far.  Here’s my review. The original Purple Animal Dyson from around 2006-2012. It worked well picking up my Pit Bull’s short hair but there was a distinct smelly dog smell coming from it before we stopped using it in 2013. We bought another Dyson around 2013, the orange one … Continue reading Dysons


I live in Canada and our winters are weird. I grew up in the Toronto area and I have to say, our winters have gotten weirder and weirder as I’ve gotten older.  This past week we had the strangest weather.  After a snow storm a couple of weeks ago, we had spells of mild weather … Continue reading YakTrax

Raw food for dogs

Today I had an interesting conversation with a dog owner who feeds her dog a raw diet.  She told me that her dog’s food costs approximately $60 (in Canadian, I’m in Canada) a month and buys meat for no more than $2 per pound. I fed Bolt and Dutch (my foster dog) a raw diet … Continue reading Raw food for dogs

Dog Rocks

Bolt and Smokey can testify that Dog Rocks are magic rocks that work. I keep the rocks in a pitcher, add water, then pour the water into their bowls. I do this instead of leaving the rocks in their bowls because Bolt was a chicken and didn’t want to drink with the rocks inside his water bowl! … Continue reading Dog Rocks

Thunder Buddy

I’ve never had a dog that was scared of thunder, but I hear from a lot of dog owners that their dogs hate thunder and lightning. I love lightning. I remember when I was a teenager we lived in an old house with big trees in the backyard. There were several summer nights where I’d … Continue reading Thunder Buddy

Basic Safety Commands

What are some basic commands to teach your dog? How about “Come.”  That command is a really good one.  If your dog knows how to come to you, you can have them go away from you and one day be off leash.  “Come” is so useful. How about “Sit.”  Sit means put your butt down and … Continue reading Basic Safety Commands

Fear? Don’t Touch!

Some dog owners love to pick up their dogs or pet their dogs when their dog barks or acts fearful. Trust me, if your dog is acting aggressive, fearful, or actually any behaviour that you don’t want, then remember that when they act that way, it is not the time to pet or touch your … Continue reading Fear? Don’t Touch!

Balls Jealousy

Okay, what is balls jealousy?  A dog that is jealous of another dog because it has a tennis ball? NO!! HAhahaha… “Balls Jealousy” is a term I made up for the vibe that intact male dogs give off to neutered male dogs. I’ve encountered this more than a dozen times at Pets Get Physical (a doggy … Continue reading Balls Jealousy

Dogs and Depression

When reading the title, you may think this post will be about depressed dogs. Nope, I’m not getting into that topic, maybe another day.  Today, I wanted to rant about Depression.  Ever feel sad and think a dog will make it better?  Yes, this is about depression that you or I have felt. I’ve gone through bouts of … Continue reading Dogs and Depression

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