About Me

Hello, my name is Lilli.

I love dogs.


I moved to Stouffville, Ontario during the summer of 2016. I have been pet grooming since 2013. I try to provide a safe and calm grooming experience for dogs.

I worked part-time at Maddie’s Dog Grooming from 2017-2020.

After Maddie’s Dog Grooming closed their doors in July 2020, I began grooming part-time for myself. Through generous referrals I had over 100 clients by May 2021 and now appointments are booked till the end of 2021 and I am not able to take on new clients.

My new wall sticker from AliExpress and my Grooming Room set up July 2020 🙂

My love for dog walking started in the late 80s. I was 8 years old at my uncle’s farm and he had four dogs.  The Alpha dog, Bailey, wouldn’t let any stranger near her but in a couple of days I got her to sit and walk with me. She was my first favourite dog. I would pack walk the farm dogs whenever I visited my uncle’s farm.

At my uncle’s farm in Alliston, ON. I was in my teens in this pic with Bailey. My mom had to take the photo from the car.

I am a strong follower of Cesar Millan and believe exercise and discipline are the most important part of a dog’s life, followed by affection. In 2013, I was a Dog Walker for a Doggy Daycare called Pets Get Physical in Kleinburg, ON. The biggest lesson I took from working there was that a Tired Dog is a Good Dog.  I also learned that an off-leash exercise in nature provides the balance that dogs need.

In 2018, I trained one of my dog’s, Bolt, with Sabina Krupic of CampSK9, I learned more about leash handling and how to better my relationships with dogs using leash skills.

I am fully booked and currently not accepting new clients.