My fave harness

I never thought I’d be recommending a harness. I’ve been against harnesses for the longest time. To me, a harness is meant for pulling a sled so I never saw the usefulness of one for walking until I started using this one.

My first harness for Smokey, a few years back, was by Canine Equipment and I purchased it a Ren’s Pet Depot and then bought a second one at Global Pet Foods in Stouffville for a client (the Manager ordered it in for me).

I went to Ren’s to buy another one this year but couldn’t find that brand anymore, but an identical one is from RC Pets and it’s called Tempo No Pull harness. And it comes in black, blue and pink! I’ve used it on Coco, Bear, and other small dogs I dog walk or sit.


Today is August 6, 2020 and an extra small sells at Ren’s Pet Depot for $39.99. It’s worth every penny to me. Big or small breed, dogs shouldn’t pull on the walk, I believe in being a dog’s leader and leading the walk. I can achieve having a pleasant and calm relationship communicating to a dog with the right walking tools.

If you need help walking your dog within the Stouffville area, I’m your gal. I love dog walking.

If you need a Dog Walker, my rates are

-$35 for an hour to teach your dog how to walk nicely on a loose leash using an appropriate training collar (or this harness if they are small)

-Once your pup knows the rules of walking with me (no pulling and paying attention to my directions) the rate is $30 for an hour to walk/bike your dog around Stouffville

If you need my expertise to show you how to achieve a better walking relationship with your dog, I charge $40 for an hour.

Contact me, Lilli, at

Happy walking!

Pet Dryer – XPOWER

I love my XPOWER dryer.


My first XPOWER dryer was purchased in 2013-ish.  I liked it because it was compact, easy to transport, quiet and powerful.  It has been discontinued this year but I really liked it, it worked well other than the hose wearing out a bit; it was amazing.  I passed it on to a neighbour when I upgraded to a stronger horsepower this year.  I sometimes wish I kept it so I could have one at home and one for work. haha, but it’s ok, she really likes it and uses it well too.

My current and second purchase is a XPOWER B-25, it has 4 HP and does an amazing job.  I’m not crazy about the new hose because its wider and the attachments screw on, I understand the reason behind making the nozzles screw on (so there’s no chance for it to fly off) but I did like the convenience of being able to pull and push the attachment nozzles on and off before.  It’s ok, change is good sometimes, I just needed to get used to it.  This dryer gets the job done quick and quieter than other brand dryers.

I love that they make the settings with a dial and I can work on drying a small chihuahua on a low setting and bump it up to full blast when drying a Cockapoo or Bernese Mountain Dog if I needed to.  The dial is so much better than a switch for a “low” setting and “high” setting.  I love having the flexibility of the in between.  When I’m working on the back, sides and legs of most dogs, I have it on full blast then when it comes to the head, I’ll turn it to a lower or lowest setting.  Some dogs are awesome and I can blast their faces on high, it gets them drier so much quicker. Just be careful not to blast air up their nose, into their eyes, and always cover/protect their ears.

Not only is it great for drying a dog, it’s great for de-shedding a dog. Blasting all the dead hairs is so much fun too! Sometimes it can look like it’s snowing in the groom room.

Here’s a video of a husky client who came to Maddie’s Dog Grooming & Boutique for his blowout.

Here’s a video of Bolt getting blow dried after our muddy winter walk.

There are other dryers out there, but I love my XPower and give it two thumbs up and a 10 out of 10!

They can be purchased at dog shows at a XPOWER booth or on or


I’ve owned three Dyson Vacuums so far.  Here’s my review.

The original Purple Animal Dyson from around 2006-2012.


It worked well picking up my Pit Bull’s short hair but there was a distinct smelly dog smell coming from it before we stopped using it in 2013.

We bought another Dyson around 2013, the orange one called a DC33 model.


We bought it after my Pit Bull passed on and we didn’t have a dog so we decided to buy a regular one not meant for pets.   I found the hose a little tricky to use, I always felt like I was wrestling with it to get it out.  We moved after we bought this Dyson and our new house came with a central vacuum system and then, we got Bolt.  We used the Dyson on our carpets after we got Bolt and fostered Dutch because the central vac wasn’t cutting it.  Even though the DC33 wasn’t meant for animals, it did a good job.  But I found my long hair would wrap around the bottom and I’d have to cut my hair out once in a while when the suction seemed off (yes, I shed too).

We moved again in 2016, we don’t have carpet anymore, our whole house is laminate and we have small tiled areas.  My parents-in-law gave us a Purple Animal Dyson DC25 and I love it.  It is loud like the other ones we had, but it does its job so well and the hose is finally easier to use.  It’s also easy to empty, like the other models I don’t need to buy any vacuum bags, I just like to empty it outside so the dust doesn’t fly all over the house again.


I love that I can see the brush housing, how it is clear plastic, when it is turned on the bristles spin and when it stops it looks like the picture above.  I like that I would be able to see if it gets entwined with a bunch of my long hair.  So far, so good, no hair cutting needed and I like this because I don’t have to turn the vacuum over to see the bristles.  This is genius!  Also, I like when it is turned on, the bristles spinning look like they are moving so fast that I feel like it is picking up all the little hairs and dirt my four legged friends bring into the house.  I love clean floors!

However, there are a few downsides in my opinion.

One, the electrical cord is not as long as the Orange DC33 Dyson.  With the Orange Dyson, I can plug it in to my front foyer which is in the middle of the house and vacuum one side of the house and then the other side without unplugging the cord.  With the Purple Animal Dyson, I need to unplug and replug the electrical cord and do two rooms at a time. Our house isn’t that big, we live in a small bungalow.  I’m not sure why the cord had to be so short, shouldn’t it be the same as the other models?

Two, although the “ball” technology helps it to swivel and make sharp turns, it’s bulky and I can’t go under my coffee table or sofa, it would be nice to have that slimmer. Or maybe I just miss that capability in my central vacuum hose…

Three, it’s loud.  Well, all of the Dysons are loud, I guess it’s expected for powerful vacuums.

Overall though, it picks up the dog hairs and my hair really well.

Do you own a Dyson?  What are your thoughts?  Feel free to give your review in the comments on your pet vacuum.  Is it working for you?



I live in Canada and our winters are weird.

I grew up in the Toronto area and I have to say, our winters have gotten weirder and weirder as I’ve gotten older.  This past week we had the strangest weather.  After a snow storm a couple of weeks ago, we had spells of mild weather and rainy weather.  It caused quite the fog and melted some snow then froze it overnight.  So walking on some of the trails have been like walking on a skating rink.  Pretty slippery!!

I’ve tried a few clamp on your shoe type grips to help me walk on ice.  Here’s the pair I’m using now. It’s called the Yak Trax.

20170227_155621_hdr.jpg 20170227_155627_hdr.jpg

They have metal coiled around the bottom and create a good grip on ice.


I’ve worn them 3 times so far.  They just fit my hiking shoe and my rain boots.  They are pretty narrow.  I have a pair of Sorel snow boots but I really doubt I can stretch the YakTrax without hurting myself.  The top part has a velcro strap which is different from my older pairs I had, it provides a little more snugness but it still slips off at least once during my one hour walk.  So for this product, I’ll give it 3 paws out of 4.

They work and do the job (not letting me slip), but they slip off my shoe at least once per time I’ve worn them.  They are a bit of a pain to put on because they are just the right fit but I have to pull them using a lot of force to get it over the heel of my shoe.  These hiking boots are Ladies size 7(US)  which is 38 in UK and they just fit the Small YakTrax.  I can’t imagine stretching a small over a Ladies size 10, as the range on the box suggests.  You know that fear of a rubber band hitting your hand, that’s what I would fear / feel trying to put it on anything bigger than my Ladies size 7s.

Someone I spoke with on the trail told me they had a pair of Yak Trax but they didn’t last for more than a season.  I’m hoping the ice will melt and spring will be around the corner. Let’s hope!

UPDATE: DEC 17, 2018

I still have this pair of YAKTRAX and have used them more than a dozen times last season and again today on my trail walk. I love the security I feel, the grip under my shoes, it really helps me on my walks. They are essential to icy walks. 🙂

Dog Rocks


Bolt and Smokey can testify that Dog Rocks are magic rocks that work. I keep the rocks in a pitcher, add water, then pour the water into their bowls. I do this instead of leaving the rocks in their bowls because Bolt was a chicken and didn’t want to drink with the rocks inside his water bowl!

How do they work? These rocks clean up the dogs’ drinking water by removing nitrates and tin that are naturally found in water. The end result: Your lawn is saved from dead grass spots due to urine burn and you save money buying tons of grass seed every year.

I bought mine at Ren’s Pets Depot. Regular price is about $33 CAD but Ren’s has the occasional sale. Get ’em and save your lawn!

UPDATE: March 3, 2017.  I need to buy more Dog Rocks and went online to Ren’s Pets Depot and the price is now $50 for a big bag, yikes!  I guess they caught on!