Running Stouffville!

Here’s the wall of Fame.

Dogs who have run Stouffville with me.

Running with Jack and Cali:


Running with Reggie:

Reggie (Visla), he is a great coach, his walk is my jogging pace. Every time I stopped, he would look at me, see if I was ok, then sped up as to say, “c’mon! Move it lady”. Hahaha! He’s so awesome. When I jogged he was just walking beside me, happily keeping pace with me. Cool dog, we bonded.

Running with Mowgli:

Mowgli (Bulldog & Shepherd mix) – trooper! Ran partly in the rain. No stopping him, he was go go go! Not a year old yet, lots of energy and very attentive. Had an awesome time running with him, he quickly learned that sticking beside me earned him treats and praise. Good puppy!!

Part-time Groomer at Maddie’s!

Update August 2020

I worked quietly for Leandra at the back of her Maddie’s Dog Grooming & Boutique shop for three years part-time and loved it.  I would give her my availability, show up and groom the dogs she booked in for me.  We had a lovely arrangement, I was appreciative to groom and she was grateful I was reliable and a hard worker.  Lisa, our bather and office manager, was happy to bathe my dogs when she was free, we had a great time and were a happy team.

This year COVID-19 shut down businesses in March and we stayed home until we were allowed to return to work on May 19, 2020.  During the lockdown, I missed dog grooming dearly and knew that my three years at Maddie’s were not taken for granted. 

I tried my best to help Leandra when she re-opened, doing an average four days out of the week and grooming three dogs a day. I don’t know how my hands and arms didn’t fall off, hahahha  usually I’m quite the wimp and can not handle so much grooming without my carpal tunnel acting up.

But that was nothing compared to Wonder Woman Leandra! I was in awe of her, she was doing 5-7 dogs a day! Bath, blowdry and haircut, the complete package all by herself and sometimes working 6 days in a week, and did I mention that she was pregnant!! Like her smock bearly zipped up over her belly but she never complained. She didn’t complain about any sore feet, sore back, sore anything! She’s my hero! She was so pleasant to work for and with, we never argued because what’s there to argue about? We were open and respectful, kind and considerate to each other. She provided a really stress free work place that I cherished.

Leandra made grooming fun, I missed it, and the dogs coming in were in dire need of grooming. I was happy to be there.

Sometime in June, Leandra announced her decision to close her shop.

It was sad even though I should have seen this coming. I panicked a little wondering if I’d stop dog grooming or if I’d look for another groomer to work with.

I decided a few days after her post that I would slowly groom small dogs from home again.

So here I am now, August 2020, and I’ve opened up my home again to groom doggies under 25lbs.

Live in Stouffville? Email to inquire if your dog needs a groom. Check out my services and I’m happy to give you a call and discuss your pup’s grooming needs.

ORIGINAL POST, written May 2017:

I’m so happy to have met Leandra, owner of Maddie’s Grooming & Boutique.  She texted me one day after I liked her Facebook page. We chatted, I went in for an interview a few weeks ago and now, I’m so estatic that I am working part-time for her.  I’m having a blast.

It’s a different environment than home grooming but it’s an awesome experience and pushing me to be better and faster at grooming.

If you are in the Stouffville area and your pup needs a groom, be sure to check out Maddie’s Grooming & Boutique, it’s on Main St.

Instagram: @maddiesgrooming

Stouffville Pet License

I used to think City Licenses for pets were just another tax and money grab.  But it makes sense, register your pet and make sure they can make their way back home if they ever get lost.  I tag my dogs and keep them close when I’m out walking.  If you are from the Stouffville area, you can get your license at Global Pets Food store.

I like an extra tag with their name and my contact info, I got Bolt and Smokey’s from PetSmart.

stouffville license