Meet my Pack

20160504_180706Hi, I’m the one on the right.  My name is Lilli.  Bolt is my cutie pie best friend.  My husby and I got him from Kijiji in 2013.  His family was very sad to let him go but they knew it was best for him. They were looking for someone who would be with him during the day and spend more time with him.

boltWe loved him for his name, he was named after one of my favourite Disney movies! John Travolta does his voice and it’s so funny and cuuuute.  Our Bolt acts like the cartoon Bolt sometimes.  Since having him, we’ve helped him walk properly on a leash, come on command off leash, and we’ve taken him to a lot of fun places to meet a lot of fun dogs and people.  We fostered another dog named Dutch for about a year and a half and they were best buds.  I’ll write a post on Dutch one day.

Bolt loves being an only kid because he loves attention. Once you start petting him, he will find your hand and rub against you until you pet him.

In May 2016, I went to Lethbridge, Alberta and picked up Smokey.  I adopted him from a childhood friend who has a busy lifestyle. She knew Smokey and I would be perfect for each other.


Smokey and I went through the St.John’s Ambulance Therapy Dog Evaluations for Adult and Children and volunteered from April 2017 to July 2018.  We visited retirement homes, High Schools, and attended some public events. 

After retiring from the program, Smokey visits friends and families for a dogfix. I lend him out to people I trust and who are thinking of getting a dog or want the experience.  He’s been a wonderful house guest (most of the time), I show families how to walk him, what his schedule is like (although it can be flexible) and how to keep up with having a well-mannered doggy in their home. I even created a Smokey manual and FAQs LOL

Bolt and Smokey get along great.  I think Smokey is Bolt’s boss, but it doesn’t matter to me, as long as they know that I’m their pack leader.