Praises and treats for Lilli!

I know it can be hard to find a person to trust.

So this page is to toot my horn a little with some feedback and comments from my clients about my services.

For at home dog grooming:

I had to shave down Bailey quite short due to mats on her first visit with me. Her owner told me that Bailey had traumatic grooming experiences and this was the first groom she didn’t hide for days. 🥰♥️ Grooming should not be traumatizing for dogs. I make it as pleasant as possible. It’s so delightful to hear when dogs like coming to me and are happy going home too.
♥️♥️♥️😊I appreciate being appreciated 🤣😁♥️
I am grateful for the trust clients give me; trust is earned. I see it as a privilege to dog groom their beloved four legged family member.

For walks and dogsitting Mason and Mia:

From the very first time we did a pack walk with Lilli, I knew she knew what she was doing and was in control of all the dogs the whole time. (There were at least 5 dogs) I was very hesitant to let one of my dog off leash because I do not trust him haha but Lilli did not hesitate. She just let him free and started walking. It was a great walk with no issues! She genuinely cares and wants to help you have a better relationship with your pup.

Lilli has been our go to dog sitter for about 2 years now. I am always nervous that I will get a bad review of my dogs at pick up but that has not been the case. Even when one of my guys has her up very early in the morning! Haha On one of our trips we were stuck an extra day because of bad weather and obviously I was concerned for my dogs as I knew Lilli herself was headed out of town but her husband helped out and everything was fine. Lilli asks if I want updates while we are away and of course my answer is yes!! So I always look forward to seeing/reading what they are up to. I know when my guys are at Lilli’s place they are loved and cared for as if they were her own. My 2 always come home exhausted and usually with their nails nicely trimmed but we also pop by once in a while for more mani pedi’s.

Honestly, I do not trust just anyone with my fur children, as they are my world but I trust Lilli 100%! Lilli’s honesty, attentiveness, kind heart, dog/training knowledge and loving caring nature for my dogs is why we keep coming back. She is also a super nice person and just going for a walk chatting is a pleasure. My family loves her and would recommend her. 

For Walks and Dogsitting Brian:

For a pet visit:

Nov 24 2018- Shooter, Ozzy, and Brandy

For another pet visit:


For off leash ecollar training: